Answer Your Queries About Vaping Atomisers

The confusing work that atomisers do in your e-cigarette is in essence helping you to produce the vapour that you want with the hit of flavour that you love. At Hog Vaping we’re here to make sure you get the best out of your vape by providing you with the right atomiser for your needs.

You’re bound to have some questions around atomisers and clearomisers and what they do. We’ve answered a few of them below for your perusal:

What does an atomiser do?

In the simplest form, it turns e-liquid into vapour by heating it up via a small coil. This happens as a wick absorbs the liquid steadily to provide a consistent stream of flavour and vapour when in use.

Which atomiser is right for my e-cig?

At Hog Vaping we’ve got a wide range of atomisers which come from leading brands in the industry. You’ll find Aspire, Kanger and SMOK products which are trusted for their quality and reliability. We also have clearomisers in our selection that could be the ideal balance of atomiser quality and capacity.

What’s the difference between them all?

Each product that we have at Hog Vaping will be slightly different. The only thing that will detract from your vaping experience is if you choose one that doesn’t suit your battery type or power correctly.

To find out more about our atomisers at Hog Vaping, get in contact with us.

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