What are E-Liquids?

If you are trying to give up smoking there is nothing that tempts you more than the cravings you will experience during the withdrawal period. Just as with any addiction your body becomes accustomed to a certain level of the addictive substance in your bloodstream – whether this is nicotine, alcohol or even coffee and chocolate!  When you give up your body starts to crave the substance it is no longer taking in but as time goes on these will reduce and your body will respond to lower levels.

Vaping on an e-cigarette  is an ideal way to help overcome an addiction to smoking. The E-liquid in a vapouriser produces steam which is inhaled in the same way as a normal cigarette.

But what are E-liquids?

In simple terms, this produces the vapour which is inhaled. E-liquid can contain varying strengths of nicotine dependent upon the amount of cigarettes you consume per day. Your E-liquid provider should be able to advise you on which strength you would need. If the aim is to quit your nicotine intake completely, slowly reducing the nicotine strength is an option you will have when vaping.       E-liquid is available in an abundance of different flavours. Good E-liquid should only have 4/5 ingredients which are food grade PG, VG & flavouring, nicotine and sometimes water. Typically a moderate user will consume 1-2 x 10ml bottles per week to a heavy user who may need 3 or more.

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