Mods and Rebuildable Atomisers

Have you been vaping for some time and finding you aren’t getting the same results?  Did you try and starter kit and found this beat your cravings but are now looking for more?  Why not consider the extensive range of Mods from Hogvaping!

Mods range from introductory models which can be used by those new to vaping right through to those tailored for experienced and advanced users. Mods are personal vaporisers which on first glance do not look like a standard e-cigarette that you would imagine. The drawtube itself can be bought separately to the atomisers or full kits are available if you are new to using a Mod and would like to try out different variations to find the model to best suit you. The vaping experience with a mod is highly recommended by users, if you have found you do not miss having the experience of the size and shape of a cigarette in your hand, a mod can be a great replacement for smokers trying to quit.

Hogvaping are leading suppliers of high quality electronic cigarettes, Garry and Barb offer a personal service priding themselves on excellent customer care and if you need any advice or information on any of the product range, they would be more than happy to help! All e-cigarettes are covered by the standard 28 day money back guarantee and for orders over £50 within the UK postage is free of charge.

For more information on mods and rebuildable atomisers please visit

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