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Ohms Too Low Error Message

If your vape mod displays the error “Ohms Too Low” when you press the fire button, it means that your device can’t work safely because the detected resistance of the atomizer coil installed in the tank is too low. The best vapes always have built-in protection circuits that manage power delivery to ensure that you can vape safely. One of the most important aspects of power management with a vape mod is detecting the electrical resistance of the installed coil because the resistance will determine the voltage and amperage that will be drawn from the battery to reach the wattage you’ve selected. […]

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Vape Parts Explained: How Does a Vape Work?

Have you ever stopped to think about what’s happening inside your vape kit when you use it? It’s actually pretty amazing to consider the volume of research that has gone into replacing something as simple as a cigarette. A surprising amount of work has been done by the industry in the little over a decade in which vaping has existed. Creating a device capable of vaporising a liquid for inhalation wasn’t the difficult part of inventing the e-cigarette – vaporiser technology has been around for many years. Creating vaping devices that are satisfying and reliable while being small enough that

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How to Use Vape Batteries Safely?

Vaping devices that use external batteries offer several advantages. The most obvious one is that you can swap out a depleted cell for a freshly charged one on-demand, but external batteries also extend the longevity of your device since it’s not dependent on the natural life cycle of an internal battery, which will lose its ability to hold a charge over time. While these advantages are great for vapers and the environment, it’s important to remember that the batteries we use in vaping are powerful tools. Like any tool, they should always be treated with respect. So, how can you

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How to Stop Your Vape Coils Burning

5 Simple Steps to Avoid A Burnt Coil We’ve all been there: you go to take a vape and instead of a satisfying cloud of vapour, you’re met with a burnt flavour and harsh sensation. So, what gives? It’s called a dry hit, and it happens when the coil inside your vaping device is not properly saturated with e-liquid, which causes the coil to overheat and singe the wicking material. In some cases, dry hits are caused by user error, but degraded vapour output and a burnt flavour can also be signs that your coil has naturally reached the end

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How to Avoid Fake Vapes

Have you ever encountered a fake product before? Maybe you found a designer handbag or some other product with a price that seemed too good to be true. Despite your concerns, you couldn’t pass up the opportunity – but when you took the item home, you discovered that it was actually counterfeit. Fake products are everywhere, and they’re far more common than you might think. Counterfeiting even affects the vaping industry. You may have never considered the possibility of fake vapes before, and that’s precisely why they’re so common. Because vaping products are relatively inexpensive, people don’t look at them

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What Do Ohms mean in a Vaporiser

What Do Ohms Mean in a Vaporizer?A Complete Guide For You Chances are you’ve heard of or seen the term “Ohms” when searching for a new vaporizer to purchase or coils to try out. While ohms can be distilled down into simple terms, it’s important to understand the relationship between them and how they affect your vaping experience. In this article, we’ll explore the meaning of ohms in an e-cigarette, and how you can better understand their impact on your vaping experience. So, what exactly are “Ohms”?  Ohms is a unit of measurement for electrical resistance, named after the German physicist Georg

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How You Can Reduce Waste While Vaping from Innokin

Although most of us are focused on the harm reduction potential of vaping, we should also be concerned about our impact on the environment. As vaping has become more popular, we naturally see more conversations about how the industry and the community can make changes that reduce our collective carbon footprint. In this article, we’re going to cover some simple ways you can vape in a more environmentally friendly way. 🌍 Vape For The Planet Survey Everyone who participates in the Vape For The Planet survey will be entered into a grand prize draw, featuring a wide range of premium INNOKIN devices, which

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