Dry Herb Vaping Kit

Have you found yourself in need of a new dry herb vaping kit? If so, Hog Vaping has you covered!

We have a variety of dry herb vaping kits but here are just two of our favourites that we would recommend to any customer interested in the dry herb experience.

  1. FocusVape Adventurer Dry Herb Bubbler Box Mod Kit

The FocusVape Adventurer is an authentic and unique vapouriser from IFocus Technology that comes equipped with its own built-in water bubbler.

Built to be easy to remove for cleaning and maintenance, the bubbler delivers a good smooth vape while keeping the flavour of your herbs incredible clean.

The Adventurer has a similar concept to the PRO S, although the build is smaller and styled in a box mod shape. The integrated water bubbler allows better filtration and provides a smooth and cooler vape.

With an OLED screen that allows the temperature to be adjusted from 80-240 degrees C in 1 degree increments, the FocusVape Adventurer is a big recommendation.

  1. FocusVape PRO S Dry Herb Vapouriser Kit

The FocusVape Pro S Dry Herb Vapouriser kit is a digital herbal vapouriser and the upgraded version of the FocusVape Dry Herb Vapouriser Kit. The PRO S has and OLED display with the ability to adjust the temperature from 80-240 degrees C, in increments of 1 degree, instead of pre-set temperatures. This allows the fine-tuning for you to achieve the perfect vape.

It features an airflow control via a dial ring on the device. This allows you to easily control the flow of air to accommodate your preference for mouth to lung or direct to lung vaping.

Hog Vaping are also able to provide spares for not only the two products listed above, but also the FocusVape Dry Herb Vapouriser Kit – so we really are your one stop shop for Dry Herb kits.

If you have any questions regarding the above products, or any of our other vaping equipment or accessories, please contact us today. Alternatively you can email us directly at [email protected] or ring on 01543 274460.

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