E-Cig Starter Kits

Looking to invest in an e-cig starter kit?

Vaping is the best way to give up the cigarettes once and for all. Unlike patches or going cold turkey, you’re less likely to go back to smoking when you take up vaping.

By still getting your nicotine hit and performing the act of smoking, vaping is an alternative to smoking that comes with endless benefits. Not only will you save on the pennies, but you won’t need to worry about any nasty smells or losing your lighter time and time again.

If you’re new to the vaping game, our starter kits are ideal for you. Designed with simplicity in mind, our starter kits introduce you to vaping and are the perfect first step.

Fitting perfectly into a handbag or pocket, the SMOK OSUB 80W Baby Kit (EU Edition) is great for those on the go. Available in purple, black or stainless steel, this fantastic starter kit has a great battery life, display screen and micro USB charging port.

To view our full range of starter kits, take a look around our website today. You can also view all of our products by visiting one of our stores based in the Cannock area.

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