E-cigarettes VS disposable e-cigarettes

More and more we’re beginning to see the presence of disposable e-cigarettes, and whilst it may seem like a convenient choice to some, the reality is that there are lots of downsides to them.

Just like a normal e-cigarette, disposable e-cigarettes have a lithium battery and plastic body, which makes them non-recyclable. With disposable e-cigarettes on the rise, we are soon going to see a massive environmental impact that can be prevented when we invest in something that we can use more than once.

Take the Aspire Vilter Pod Kit for example. Small and compact much like a disposable, this kit is perfect for people that are dabbling in vaping and want to get used to the method. It has easy to use features that are perfect for beginners, and it can fit discreetly in your bag or pocket.

Another great alternative to disposables is the Justfog Minifit Starter Kit. This compact option is another great way to get used to vaping if you’re just starting out and comes in black, red or silver. Super easy to use and more than affordable, this is ideal for experienced mouth to lung users who need that nicotine hit during the day.

So, instead of contributing to more waste, you could help the planet by making the easy choice of investing in refillable and rechargeable.

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