What are e-liquids, you may ask?

E-liquid is what is poured into the atomiser to produce vapour. When you draw and inhale, the e-liquid is heated gently and a vapour, much like the smoke drawn from a cigarette, is released. All electronic cigarettes require e-liquid to produce the inhaled vapour. The substance of e-liquid itself contains a mixture of nicotine, diluents, and flavourings.

The market for e-liquids is growing rapidly as the popularity for electronic cigarettes continues to grow exponentially. This growth in popularity has led to more people searching for a trusted supplier, but there are still people who look to buy e-liquids without full knowledge of the quality of the e-liquid or an understanding of the nature of its component ingredients.

At Hog Vaping we’ve clarified for you what is in the e-liquids we supply to ensure that you’re fully aware of what’s contained in the vapour. The e-liquid we supply contains the ingredients propylene glycol, food grade vegetable glycerine, food grade flavouring and nicotine, and there are no nasty chemicals in our liquids.Here you can find electronic cigarettes, a range of the most popular e-liquids on the market, and e-smoking supplies of the highest quality.

Electronic cigarettes have revolutionised the concept of smoking, offering smokers a healthier alternative to the dangers associated with the inhalation of smoke from traditional cigarettes.

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