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What is an electronic cigarette?

Also known as an e-cig, e-cigarette, personal vapouriser or PV, the device comprises of a battery and an atomiser. E-liquid will also be required.

The atomiser usually contains an electronic coil and wicks or similar and this receives power from the battery. The coil heats up to cause the e-liquid to vapourise and produce steam which is inhaled by the user.

The battery will be a rechargeable lithium ion unit that will power the atomiser.

An e-cigarette user is commonly known as a ‘vaper’. The use of an e-cigarette is known as ‘vaping’.

How much does an electronic cigarette cost?

Hog Vaping have single battery starter kits from £18 which will include an e-cigarette battery, disposable atomiser and charger cable. In addition to this you would need to buy your e-liquid. We have a wide range of starter kits with a range of prices to suit your requirements and your purse. To see our starter kits: Click Here.

Intermediate devices will have variable controls to increase or decrease power delivery.

Advanced kits are for the vaping enthusiast who has good understanding of vaping devices. For details of our Advanced Kits: Click Here.

How long will an electronic cigarette last?

Good maintenance procedures will also keep your e-cigarette in good condition and enhance your vaping experience. Simply wiping away any e-liquid residue or built up vapour from the well and body of the device each time you refill your atomiser is good practice.

The lifespan of the lithium ion battery varies from user to user. It is dependant on how often the battery is used and re-charged. Batteries deteriorate over time, whether they’re being used or not. So a spare battery won’t last much longer than the one in use. It’s important to remember the ageing characteristic when purchasing batteries.
A 650mAh or 900mAh battery can last a light to medium vaper all day. A heavier vaper would be likely to need a battery with a higher mAh or carry a spare.  For customers who are new to vaping and are using the e-cigarette as a replacement for smoking, we would recommend the 650-900mAh if they previously smoked 20 cigarettes per day or less. For smokers above 20 per day, the 900mAh or above is advised.

The atomiser is dependant on type. A basic CE4 type  according to manufacturers is likely to require replacement after 2 to 4 weeks (dependant on use) and is disposable. Other atomisers have replaceable coils heads. It will become noticeable when your atomiser or coil head requires replacement because the flavour of the e-liquid will become compromised and you may see a brownish tinge on the wicks. For more details of our atomisers: Click Here.

Another extremely important tip is never over tighten the atomiser when attaching it to the battery as this can depress the contact which will cause your battery to fail. Over tightening can also strip the thread of either the Atomiser or the e-cig battery (or both).  The atomiser should be snug (no movement) but it should never be tight.

What is E-Liquid?

E-liquid is poured into the atomiser to produce the vapour. Our e-liquid is made from 4 main ingredients which are:

Propylene Glycol (PG):  The Propylene Glycol is high quality pharmaceutical grade, that is used to give you a satisfying throat hit.

Vegetable Glycerine (VG): Vegetable Glycerine helps to produce the vapour and holds the flavour. The VG used in our e-liquid is food grade and is typically used in cake making.

Flavouring:  The flavouring like the vegetable glycerine is also food grade and is typically used in many every day foods.

Nicotine:  Liquid nicotine in varying strengths – except for the 0mg which contains no nicotine.

In addition to these some e-liquid may have water added to enhance the vapour.

Giving your e-liquid a good shake prior to refilling is recommended to achieve the best from your vape.

We have e-liquids in varying degrees of nicotine strengths from 0mg (no nicotine) to 18mg. For more details about our e-liquids: Click Here. Prices from £4 for a 10ml bottle.  How much a typical vaper will use is again dependant on how often they vape. We would say that a typical moderate vaper will use 2 x 10ml bottle per week. Heavier vapers may use 3 x 10ml bottles or more per week. Sub Ohm vapers (cloud chasers) are likely to use much more than this.

What do I need to get started?

Our own recommendation for any new vaper who is serious about moving away from smoking would be to buy one of our Starter Kits. The kit will contain all the hardware that will be required.  All that would be required in addition to the kit is the e-liquid.

Why does my e-liquid change colour?

Some e-liquids will change colour when exposed to the air and light and this is normal. E-liquid may also change colour as it steeps. Steeping is a natural process that occurs as the e-liquid ingredients combine. However, if your e-liquid turns brown when being vaped or tastes burnt, this is likely to mean that you need to replace your atomiser or coil head.

Why will my battery not hold a charge?

Firstly, always ensure that your device is turned off before carrying out any maintenance or cleaning procedures.

Secondly. check that your charger is not at fault and ensure that you are using the correct type of charger for your battery.

Thirdly, check  that the contact in the battery has not been depressed. If it has, with the device switched off, lift the connection plate slightly using a pin or similar. This is usually caused by over tightening the atomiser on to the battery and should be avoided.

Shipping & Delivery charges

Orders are despatched the same day if received before 4pm Monday to Friday (Saturday before 10am) by First Class Signed For via Royal Mail. For UK orders a delivery of £4 is applied regardless of size. Special Delivery (next day before 1pm ‘excluding Saturday’) is available for an additional fee of £4. Saturday Special Delivery is available for an additional fee of £9. These charges apply regardless of the size of the order.

We will send you an email saying order completed when your order has been despatched and goods are normally received within 48 hours except for weekends. However we would ask you to allow 5 working days before contacting us for a non delivery. For non receipt of your order please contact us on info@hogvaping.co.uk.

What happens if I want to cancel my order?

If you need to cancel or change your order prior to despatch, please contact us immediately either by emailing us at: info@hogvaping.co.uk.  Orders are normally despatched same day up to 4pm and next day after 4pm except for Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays.

If you wish to cancel your order after despatch you may return the unused items in it’s original packaging within 14 days and a full refund will be given.

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