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Are you an existing smoker looking for a healthier alternative to tobacco smoking?

As an existing smoker, switching to electronic cigarettes will make for quite a different experience. With an electronic cigarette, greater freedom is given to you as to where you can use it, and you don’t have to be so concerned by the secondary effects of using an electronic cigarette on those around you. Electronic cigarettes, or E-cigarettes, involve no flames, no matches, no smell and no burns. They are safe, easy to use, portable, lightweight, convenient and durable.

If you’re switching from regular cigarettes to E-cigarettes then the E-cig starter kit is, quite naturally, the place to start.

Find E-cig starter kits online at Hog Vaping. We have an extensive range of starter kits for you to choose from, all new, all improved, and all easy to use. The harm caused to you and those around you is hugely reduced as the E-cigarette contains no tar, no carbon monoxide and no tobacco. It actually protects from most of the noxious substances found in real cigarettes. It can be easily cleaned, you don’t have to contend with hot ash and no smoke is produced, only steam. Just vaping and vapour, really.

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