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Are you looking for the latest and best vaping products on the market?

Nowadays vaping is much more popular than smoking cigarettes and also much healthier.

While it might seem like a very modern practice, you might be surprised to learn the idea of vaping was first formulated in the 1960s when Herbert Gilbert came up with the idea of the ‘smokeless cigarette’ in 1963. However, unfortunately for Gilbert, the idea never went anywhere (think how much he would make now!). Nonetheless it’s no surprise it emerged in the Swinging Sixties, at a time when people were experimenting with all sorts of new practices.

With the Royal Society for Public Health encouraging people to use e-cigarettes, they’re also much healthier.

Whether you’re a seasoned vaper or new to the scene, Hog Vaping have a wide range of products to choose from, including starter kits, mini tank kits, atomisers/tanks, batteries, accessories and chargers.

Our vaping products include a huge choice of e-liquids in a variety of flavours, including those by Vape Monster. Prices are highly competitive for all our products, and we can offer quick deliveries anywhere in the UK.

We can also offer all the advice on how to keep your e-cigarettes in good condition. Why not check out our FAQ for more information on vaping and the products available?


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