Interested in Experiencing Dry Herb Vaping?

Do you love the experience of vaping dry herbs or flowers? Or have you long been interested in trying this type of vaping?

Hog Vaping have all the equipment needed to enjoy dry herb vaping at its best. We specialise in quality electronic cigarette supplies including advanced kits and mods at highly competitive prices.

Dry herb vaporisers can heat cannabis products to the point where they turn into a vapour, without burning any of the material. These types of vapers are available in both desktop and portable forms, with a variety of accessories available. Before using cannabis for dry herb vaping, it needs to be prepared using a grinder, which are usually included in dry herbing kits.

At Hog Vaping we have a whole section devoted to Dry Herb Vaping which includes the FocusVape PRO S Dry Herb Vaporiser Kit. This digital herbal vaporiser enables you to easily adjust the temperature from 80°C to 240°C.

The vapour is inhaled through a borosilicate glass mouthpiece and since it’s combined with a ceramic chamber, it ensures a clean and natural flavour. Vibrations will let you know when the device is ready to be used.

Why not check out more of our dry herbing products?

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