Aspire Triton Replacement Coil




Aspire Triton Replacement Coil – 5 Pack – FROM £10

These are genuine Aspire Triton Replacement Coils that are newly designed and made specifically for the Aspire Triton Tank.

Japanese Organic Puff Cotton is used as the wicking material, ensuring a clean & full bodied flavour from all of your favourite e-liquids.

All new surgical grade (316L) stainless steel is now used for direct to lung style vaping, encoded with a black gasket. Traditional kanthal is used for the 1.8 ohm coil. The 1.8 ohm coil is suitable for mouth to lung vaping, encoded with a blue gasket.

• 0.3 ohm (rated at 45-55 watts)
• 0.4 ohm (rated at 25-30 watts)
• 1.8 ohm (rated at 10-13 watts)

Triton Coil16





All of our Aspire products are genuine Aspire.

n.b: The Triton coils are also suitable for use with the Aspire Atlantis Tank.

CAUTION: Always prime your new coils by soaking with the e-liquid before vaping. Sucking on your atomiser without firing your device will draw the liquid through the coil. Never allow your coil heads to dry burn.

Buyer must be aged 18 years or above.

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0.3Ω, 0.4Ω, 1.8Ω


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