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Dr. Salt Nicotine Salt Base E-Liquids – 10ml 20mg – £5 each or £14 for a 3 Pack

Introducing Dr. Salt Nicotine Salt E-Liquids for vapers who struggle to get the nicotine hit from standard nicotine e-liquid. Perfect for the transition period to vaping from smoking.

Dr Salt captures the natural salts found in the tobacco leaf to produce a smooth vape without any harsh throat hit. This allows the nicotine to be absorbed quicker into the body to give you the natural rush as experienced through a smoked cigarette.

Contrary to what the name suggests, the liquid does not taste of salt. Instead the flavours are full bodied and delicious.

Available in 7 great flavours:

2BACCO – a full on smoker’s tobacco which replicates a smoked cigarette as close as is possible. On the inhale you get a full on tobacco taste which rolls across the taste buds which is so reminiscent of the real tobacco and on the exhale you are left with a wonderful after taste. This is the Perfect tobacco flavour to switch to vaping with and will help you begin your journey in to vaping.
BLUE ICE – Blue Raspberry with Mint.
MENTHOL – A full-on Menthol that hits hard and is so refreshing it is what it is, a real menthol.
OLYMPIC DREAM – Blueberry and Pomegranate Energy Drink.
RED DEVIL – An Original Cherry Menthol
STRAW HIGH – Delicious Strawberries and Cream.
TWISTED – Pineapple ice cream with strawberry and lemon fruit ice with a hint of lemon and lime.
WHAM STAR – Tongue Tingling Raspberry Flavour.

Fully TPD compliant and manufactured in a ISO Class 7 facility in Dorset right here in the UK.

Try Dr. Salt with the Justfog MINFIT Kit: Click Here

Also Available Dr. Salt Nic Shots to add to your favourite Shortfill: Click Here

Buyer must be aged 18 years or above.

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2Bacco 10ml, 2Bacco 3 x 10ml, Blue Ice 10ml, Blue Ice 3 x 10ml, Menthol 10ml, Menthol 3 x 10ml, Olympic Dream 10ml, Olympic Dream 3 x 10ml, Red Devil 10ml, Red Devil 3 x 10ml, Straw High 10ml, Straw High 3 x 10ml, Twisted 10ml, Twisted 3 x 10ml, Wham Star 10ml, Wham Star 3 x 10ml


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