Pure Nickel Wire




Pure Nickel Wire – NI200 99.6% Non Resistance-10m – £5

User friendly Pure Nickel Wire NI200 for use with temperature sensing devices.


Nickel 200 is commercially pure (typically 99.6%) and has good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. It also has good electrical and thermal properties and is non magnetic. To achieve the softer finish these wires are tempered AND annealed.

Available in sizes: 0.3mm (29AWG), 0.4mm (26AWG)  & 0.5mm (24AWG).

Additional safety precautions should be taken when using non-resistance wire and we recommend that it should only be used for coiling with temperature sensing devices.

This product is for experienced vapers who have a working knowledge of how electronic devices work along with appropriate safety tools. Please ensure proper precautions are taken when building with this product. Incorrect procedures could damage your device or even worse, you!

See our coil building tools from UD (Youde) : UD Coiling Tool Kit : UD Vapers Tool Kit : UD Ceramic Tip Tweezers.

Buyer must be aged 18 years or above.

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0.3mm (29AWG), 0.4mm (26AWG), 0.5mm (24AWG)


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