Riot Squad Eliquid




RIOT SQUAD ELIQUID 10ml – 30PG/70VG – £5 each

Riot Squad take an uncompromising approach to the quality with their eliquid. Made in the UK from high purity propylene glycol, naturally derived vegetable glycerine and pharmaceutical grade nicotine.

An uncompromising range of the boldest flavours also come together for a revolutionary vaping experience.

30PG/70VG mix and so consequently suitable for sub-ohm vaping.

Now available in new single 10ml cardboard packaging, Riot Squad are doing their bit for the environment.

Vapour production is exceptional.

GRAPPLE & SLAPCURRANT – Slamming Flavours of pummelled Apple and whacking Blackcurrant. As a result you can expect a bash from this one!!!

IRON BRUISE – Prepare for a battering, this flavour will hammer your taste buds like an Iron Bar. A refreshing wham followed by an energising citrus hit. Consequently designed for the Brave Hearted Rioter!

MENTHOL MOLOTOV – A tropical fruit menthol attack to sabotage your senses and vandalise your taste buds. Just light the rag!

PINK GRENADE – Powerful explosive flavours of lemon, with a hint of luscious violent strawberry to shatter your senses.

STRAWBERRY SCREAM – A sweet outrage that will wreak havoc on your taste buds, like no other creamy strawberry candy has ever done.

SUB LIME – Subversive flavours of sweet acidic lime and lemon, that will mess up your senses and leave you with a sour aftertaste.

TROPICAL FURY – A powerful mix of bashed tropical fruit combined to deliver a tangy, intense vape with a sparkly, warm aftertaste, an exotic blast of flavours.

Available Strengths: 3mg & 6mg.


Buyer must be aged 18 years or above.

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Grapple & Slapcurrant 3mg, Grapple & Slapcurrant 6mg, Iron Bruise 3mg, Iron Bruise 6mg, Menthol Molotov 3mg, Menthol Molotov 6mg, Pink Grenade 3mg, Pink Grenade 6mg, Strawberry Scream 3mg, Strawberry Scream 6mg, Sub Lime 3mg, Sub Lime 6mg, Tropical Fury 3mg, Tropical Fury 6mg


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