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The CE4 atomiser is a popular and reliable choice among those new to vaping. It is mainly intended for use by starters who don’t want to spend too much as the device itself is inexpensive. The CE4 atomiser should be reliable, easy to use, and should not leak.

The CE4 is a disposable atomiser, so once its life is up it can be thrown away and replaced with a new one. The need to replace the CE4 depends on how much it is used, but they generally last a couple of weeks. The only removable part of the CE4 atomiser is the drip tip, which is where the e-liquid is put in. The next step up from the CE4 atomiser is the CE4+, and this is similar to the CE4, but with the CE4+ you can simply change the coil heads and replace the wicks instead of buying a new atomiser.
The ideal device for anyone new to vaping and e-cigarettes, if you want to find the CE4 atomiser online then you can buy what you need with Hog Vaping. You can guarantee on the quality of the vaping products we sell. If you’re new to vaping, the CE4 atomiser is the ideal device.

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