The Best Deals On E-Cig Batteries

Has your current e-cigarette battery bitten the dust?

Hog Vaping have everything you need to have the best possible vaping experience. Among our wide range of products are a choice of quality batteries, including those from Samsung, Nitecore, and Aspire.

With our high quality e-cig batteries, you can enjoy a much smoother and more enjoyable vaping experience, with a charge which is extremely reliable and stable.

Our Aspire CF VW Battery is currently reduced from £24.00 to £18.00 and is a high end power system with 1300mAh capacity. With its innovative technology, there will always be a strong connection between the battery and e-cigarette tank.

Available blue, red, grey and blue, this e-cigarette battery has LED lights which will flash 6 times if the system short circuits. It also contains a revolutionary spring connector and its structural design makes it extremely reliable and stable.

We also have many e-cigarette kits which come complete with batteries, tanks, USB cables and coils. Our products also include accessories to take care of your kit, such as our plastic battery cases.

If you’re not sure which battery if right for you, our expert team are always happy to help you find what you’re looking for.

Why not check out our collection of e-cig batteries today?

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