Three Features Of Our Dry Herb Vaping Kit At Hog Vaping

We all know that vaping is preferable to smoking for cigarettes because it removes the carcinogens which are found in tobacco when it is burnt. This is the same for herbs; it’s better that you vape rather than smoke these as you can get everything you want without the negatives. The only stumbling factor of this is knowing how to start dry herb vaping.

At Hog Vaping we’re on hand to get your started on this exciting adventure with our range of dry herb vaping products. There are plenty of things to consider before you start, but one of our products, FocusVape Adventurer Dry Herb Bubbler Box Mod Kit, can explain it in a practical sense. Here are three features to take advantage of on this dry herb vaping kit:

  • Built-in water bubbler: The capabilities of the FocusVape bubbler is unparalleled. From 80 to 240 degree centigrade, you’ll be able to find the ideal temperature for your herb and your enjoyment.
  • Attractive vaping kit: It’s smaller than previous versions of the FocusVape Pro and comes in different colours for you to choose from.
  • Large herb chamber: This mod kit is able to accommodate to all your needs. No matter how much you’re looking to load into the kit, you can be sure of having enough room.

If you’d like to kickstart your dry herb vaping adventure with the aptly named Adventurer, speak to our team today.

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