Three Things To Consider When Buying E-Cig Batteries

You will have probably heard of the horror stories of e-cigarette batteries overheating and bursting into flames. This is a risk with cheap batteries which are used on the wrong vape or at the wrong voltage. To counteract this, the biggest and most reputable brands in the business have invested a lot of time to ensuring that problems such as this don’t occur.

At Hog Vaping we’re pleased to be able to stock e-cig batteries that could be perfect for your vape. Each e-cigarette is given its own battery style which needs to be adhered to ensure you’re safe whenever you charge or use your vape. You’ll find a range of batteries for your e-cig on our online store, as well as products for safe charging.

Here are three things to remember when you buy an e-cig battery:

  • Use a safe charging bag: While your e-cig battery is charging up, it’s important you ensure it’s not going to overheat. A charging bag from our collection will diffuse any static energy.
  • Invest in a battery case: When transporting your batteries, you will need to make sure the lithium battery isn’t a risk. Use a carry case to safely transport your e-cig battery.
  • Check voltage capacity: To reduce the chance of your e-cig battery overheating you should look at each battery’s maximum voltage. This will give you a good guide as to what charger you need.

To find out more about our range of e-cig batteries, get in contact with us.

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