With the sale of menthol cigarettes now illegal, maybe it’s time you took up vaping instead?

The beauty of menthol cigarettes was that it would take away the unpleasant taste of tobacco, but still give you that much-needed hit of nicotine. Now, however, with the ban on menthols, are you finding that regular cigarettes just aren’t cutting it?

Well, instead of biting the bullet and going with regular cigarettes, why not step things up a notch and find out what vaping is like? The beauty of vaping is that you’ll get the good old nicotine hit, but without the nasty taste of cigarettes. Better yet, you’re in charge of what flavours you can have, so what’s not to love?!

Here at Hog Vaping we’re here to help all you keen smokers and turn you into avid vapers. We know it might seem hard to give up smoking and start vaping, but trust us, before you know it, you’ll be experts and never want to go back.

Say goodbye to that nasty aftertaste and smoky smell and say hello to vape clouds that smell like strawberries, watermelons and peppermint.

To shop our full range of vaping products that will get you started, take a look around our website today.

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