Vaping In 2022

Happy New Year from the team at Hog Vaping!

With 2022 in full force, are you ready to stop smoking and start vaping? Do you want to see if you’ve got what it takes to become an expert vaper? Perhaps you’re brand new and need some help finding the right kit? If so, we’ve got you covered.

A great place to start for the newbies out there who would prefer to sub ohm vape is the Vaporesso GTX GO 40 Pod Kit. Ideal for beginners, this kit is easy to use and gives you plenty of performance.

You can benefit from:

  • A magnetic pod that fastens easily and securely to the battery, which also makes it easy to clean and maintain
  • Simple to refill and thanks to the SSS Leak Resistant Technology, it reduces mess and waste all the while producing maximum flavour and loads of vapour
  • The magnets are designed to allow for a precise airflow adjustment, giving you complete control of the amount of desired vapour
  • Pre-set for an optimal experience, with a simple interface that allows you to fire away with the press of a button
  • A choice of black or matte grey

To see our full list of vaping products, take a look around and buy today.

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