Vaping In November

Make November the month you quit smoking

With the recent news of another lockdown, you may be feeling tempted to buy that packet of cigarettes. However, with a month inside, now is the time to tackle that habit and replace it with something much more enjoyable- vaping.

At Hog Vaping we’re here to support you every step of the way and help you to quit smoking and take up vaping instead. A much better alternative to smoking, vaping can be fun, social and give you access to a whole host of fun new flavours to try out.

Our website has everything you need to make November the month you take up vaping for good, whether you’re looking to buy a starter kit or upgrade to something more advanced.

Don’t let the recent news of a lockdown put you off!

We know that the news of another lockdown may have put you off buying online, which is why we’ve developed our click and collect service starting from the 5th November to the 2nd December.

This way you’ll get to pick up your order from our Heath Hayes store (only) anytime from Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm. All you need to do is select the click and collect option when you buy any products from us. Orders before 5.30pm will be available the same day, anything after that time will be available the next day.

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