Vaping Instead Of Smoking

Stay strong during Stoptober with the help of our vaping products

At Hog Vaping we want to support you during Stoptober and hopefully persuade you to take up vaping instead of going back to smoking. With our special offers, we hope to tempt you into making the right choice and stop smoking once and for all!

Special offers for beginners

The Justfog Minifit Starter Kit is a great way to slowly introduce yourself to the idea of vaping. Small, discreet and free from any overwhelming features, this little gem will fit perfectly in your coat pocket or bag. Although small in size, this kit packs a punch and gives you the right level of performance to get used to vaping.

Special offers for advanced

The Aspire SkyStar Revvo Kit is currently on sale and is a wise choice for those that want to increase their vaping ability. Aside from being easy on the eye, this kit has an adjustable top airflow with three large air inlets to give you full enjoyment of your favourite e-liquids.

To shop our complete collection of vaping products that include batteries, coils, accessories and tasty e-liquids, check out our website and buy with confidence from Hog Vaping.

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