What Do Ohms mean in a Vaporiser

What Do Ohms Mean in a Vaporizer?A Complete Guide For You
Chances are you’ve heard of or seen the term “Ohms” when searching for a new vaporizer to purchase or coils to try out. While ohms can be distilled down into simple terms, it’s important to understand the relationship between them and how they affect your vaping experience. In this article, we’ll explore the meaning of ohms in an e-cigarette, and how you can better understand their impact on your vaping experience. So, what exactly are “Ohms”?  Ohms is a unit of measurement for electrical resistance, named after the German physicist Georg Simon Ohm. 
Low Ohms vs. High Ohms – which is right for me? The resistance of a coil can vary widely, from as low as 0.1 ohms to as high as 3.0 ohms or more. 
Factors Affecting Ohms. The resistance of a coil depends on several factors that are usually out of the control of the end-user, unless they are building their own coil from scratch. These include the material choice of the wire, the gauge of the wire, and the amount of wraps of coil utilized.
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